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When requesting the development of any document, Ksh 900 is required as a down payment using the website's approved method of payment. The remaining Ksh. 100 is due when the desired document is delivered or collected.
After an order has been paid for, the money paid for the order is not refundable.
Physical collection of the prepared documents must take place at the town or city that the user specifies for pickup and at a predetermined location inside the town or city's central business district. The generated document will be available for pickup at the physical address of Affidavits, Agreements and Legal Advice during regular business hours if the user fails to specify a town or city for collection. The prepared document may be sent to the user by regular mail, registered mail, or courier at the expense of the user, subject to payment of the balance (which does not include mailing fees) prior to the document being provided to the user, as agreed upon by the parties. Within 24 hours of receiving their request, all users in Kapenguria-Makutano town will receive free delivery of all documents that have been prepared. If you don't specify a town or city for collection, we will get in touch with you via your provided email address to discuss collection arrangements.
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