We prepare and do the following;

Prepare Sale Agreements,

Prepare all Transfer documentation,

1. Prepare Sale Agreements,

2. Prepare all Transfer documentation,

3. Prepare all necessary applications for the Consent of the Land Control Boards,

4. Property Transfers ,

5. Draft leases,

6. Sectional property transactions,

7. Obtain consents for sub-divisions,

8. Change of user,

9. Conveyances,

10. Mortgages/charges,

11. Prepare and Register discharge of charges,

12. Lodge caveats,

13. Obtain Inhibition Orders from Court cautions,

14. Advice on easements,

15. Prepare Power of attorney,

16. Prepare Trusts Deeds,

17. Do site visits with surveyors upon request by our clients,

18. Prepare Property Management agreements, etc.

Before embarking on any Sale and/or Transfer transaction, we insist on conducting  due diligence to establish the proper owners of the property and/or any other hidden issues that a party to the transaction may be concealing to the detriment of our clients.

Several of our clients have been saved from loosing their hard earned money in this way.